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This is the web site of Eric E. Cohen. My work day is filled with participating in the global initiative called XBRL - the Extensible Business Reporting Language. It is an effort by the accounting and investing community to faciliate the movement of business reporting data to the capital markets and lending community, based on XML, the Extensible Markup Language from the World Wide Web consortium. The XBRL Global Ledger is an agreement on an import/export format for information that is contained in accounting and business systems with an international scope, meeting the core needs of users worldwide, even if a General Ledger in the US is different than a General Ledger in France or Japan or Brazil. I am also Accounting and Audit Domain Coordinator for UN/CEFACT
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"Under Three Empires: The Thorns and Roses of a Life" - a new book by a friend, Izyaslav Darakhovskiy

The life of a Jew in a Nazi labor camp, serving at the Academy of Science in the USSR, and starting from scratch in 1992 in Rochester, NY.

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Students - I will not do your homework for you ... but check out Bryant College's XBRL Education page

Other areas of current research:

Continuous Audit and Assurance;
Web Services - the potential of breaking down monolithic programs into interchangeable fragments for plug and play programming, and opening doors for continuous auditing;
Data level assurance - providing third party assurance on eDocuments and streamed data at both document/file and component levels and;
Authorization and security to make it possible: XML Signature, XML Encryption, XKMS and Web Services Security
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